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By fostering lasting relationships with clients based on integrity and transparency, I create a practice environment that feels like home to all those who walk through my doors. Our partnership begins during a comprehensive consultation, where we discuss all your goals and expectations. I pride myself on listening to what you want and how you feel. I’m here to help you realize your vision of beauty, not mine, and definitely not someone else’s.

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About Us
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Treat Yourself Aesthetic Studio specializes in non-surgical and minimally-invasive treatments. What’s so wonderful about all of these treatments is that you can achieve significant cosmetic enhancements without ever going under a knife. Most treatments have little to no downtime. And most can be accomplished in under 30 minutes, then you’re free to resume your daily activities with a totally refreshed look.

But not all treatments are built alike. Some boost your body’s collagen production which revitalizes the structural framework, thus making your skin look and feel firmer. Some minimize wrinkles and lines. And others restore your facial volume and give you a gorgeous, dewy look.

And it’s ok if you are unsure of your treatment preference. Book a consultation so we can have a conversation and figure out what will work best for you. Every treatment plan is customized to give you the results you’re after, regardless of your skin color, skin type, or skin concern. Let Treat Yourself Aesthetic Studio put together a plan that will put you onto a path towards the results you desire.

Book your consultation online or feel free to call or text with any questions, 815-581-5551.

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